Miss World 2013 Sports Challenge Top 16 Finalists

Miss World 2013 Sports Challenge has started yesterday September 9. From 116, Top 16 semi-finalists were chosen and these ladies will compete again in the final round happening today, September 10.

Miss World 2013 Sport Challenge Finalists

The Miss World Top 16 in Sports Challenge are:

Belgium, Noemie Happart
Dominican Republic, Joely Bernat
El Salvador, Paola Ayala
England, Kirsty Heslewood
Hungary, Annamaria Rakosi
Italy, Sarah Baderna
Montenegro, Ivana Milojko
Netherlands, Jacqueline Steenbeek
New Zealand, Ella Langsford
Nicaragua, Luz Decena
Northern Ireland, Meagan Green
Panama, Virginia Hernandez
Paraguay, Coral Ruíz
Scotland, Jamey Bowers
Slovakia, Karolína Chomisteková
Spain, Elena Ibarbia

The Top 16 divided into four groups:

Group 1:
Belgium, Hungary, Northern Ireland, Scotland

Group 2:
Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Montenegro, Spain

Group 3:
Italy, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Slovakia

Group 4:
England, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay

The big winner of this year’s sports challenge will be announced on September 28th, when the new Miss World will be crowned.

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