Miss World 2013 “Beauty With A Purpose” Top 15 Finalists Revealed

The Top 15 finalists of Miss World 2013Beauty With A Purpose” has been announced! It was confirmed by Francisco Javier Escobar, Mister World 2013, in his official Facebook page. It’s also posted via Global Beauties official site.

Miss World 2013 Beauty With A Purpose Top 15

Beauty with a Purpose is a non-profit organization associated with Miss World. It raises money and participates in humanitarian projects across the world. This is the most important track from the Miss World Pageant.

It awards the contestant with the most relevant and important charity project in her nation.

Miss World 2013 “Beauty With A Purpose” Top 15 Finalists:

(1) Philippines (2) Spain (3) Indonesia (4) Japan (5) Korea (6) Brazil (7) Denmark (8) USA (9) Australia (10) Kosovo (11) Malaysia (12) Mexico (13) Belarus (14) Turkey (15) Vietnam.

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