Watch: Baron Geisler Assaults UP Student Over Production Delayed Script

A video posted on Facebook by UP student Khalil Versoza on Sunday showing actor Baron Geisler shouting and attacking him over a delayed script.

According to production crew, they weren’t able to send Baron his script on time. Khalil was apologetic but the the actor still lost his temper.


“It’s not right to pick on us, we’re still a student prod, we put our hearts into this production and advocacy,” Khalil wrote in his post.

He said that he used his own money to pay for Baron’s talent fee. He decided to post the video to show the actor the consequences of his actions.

On Twitter, netizens expressed dismay over Geisler’s viral video where he was seen attacking a student.

Geisler and his camp camp have yet to give an official statement regarding the incident.