LOOK: Good-Looking Igorot aka ‘Carrot Man’ Goes Viral Online

A good-looking farmer dubbed as the ‘Carrot Man’ was spotted in Sagada, Mountain Province, and he is now currently trending on social media.

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His photos went viral after Edwina T. Bandong posted his pictures on Facebook while carrying a basket of carrots on the mountains of Cordillera


According to Bandong, she was heading towards Sagada when one of her companions spotted this young man from Kadaklan, Mountain Province. She took some stolen shots for everyone to admire.

The mystery of a ‘Carrot Man’ had been identified as Jeyrick Sigmaton, a member of the Igorot tribe. Netizens compared him to Hero Angeles while some said he has a strong resemblance with Taiwanese superstar Vic Zhou of the F4.

Thank you po #GMA 7 News

Thank you po GMA News

Posted by Jerick Sigmaton on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

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