Watch: Joross Gamboa Alleged Private Video Leaked Online

Television and movie actor Joross Gamboa became a trending topic after his alleged private video and photos surfaced online.


On Thursday night, the alleged video, which took 8 minutes and 15 seconds long, of the former ABS-CBN talent has gone viral on social media sites with hashtag ‘Joross Gamboa.’

The 31-year-old actor, apparently filmed inside his car, flaunted his manhood in front of the camera while chatting with someone. The two seem to have been conversing through online video chat.

A number of netizens who downloaded and watched the video are convinced that it was Joross Gamboa in the circulating video because of the same facial features as well as the voice.

The actor and his camp haven’t issue any statement about the controversy. He’s currently in Canada with his wife and a 3-month old baby boy.