WATCH: Pinay Alisah Bonaobra Begs For Second Chance on X Factor UK, Makes it to Six Chair Challenge After Being Eliminated at Bootcamp

The Voice of the Philippines runner-up Alisah Bonaobra made it to the ‘Six Challenge’ after being eliminated at ‘Bootcamp’ on The X Factor UK.

In an episode aired Sunday, Sept. 30, the 22-year-old Pinay singer failed to impress the judges during a group performance of Mariah Carey’s hit We Belong Together.

Bonaobra, who flew all the way from the Philippines, broke down when she learned that her journey on the competition was over.

She asked and begged for a second chance to the judges. “Please Simon please,” she said. “No, no no,” Simon Cowell initially responded, “It’s not just me. We’ve made a decision…”

On stage, Bonaobra was comforted by Nicole Scherzinger and persuaded the other judges to allow her to sing the song again.

Her second performance was enough for Simon to give Bonaobra a second chance in the next round.

“Based on what you’ve just done there from what I can hear, we’re going to give you a pass on this one,” Cowell said. “You’ve got a good voice. Go out there tomorrow and do your thing. No more tears!” he added.

The following day, Bonaobra gave a powerful rendition of ‘Defying Gravity’ that blew the judges away and sent her through to the Six Chair Challenge.

“What happened to you in 24 hours? You were literally lying on the floor crying, and now this!” said Cowell after her performance.

Meanwhile, fans of the show claimed that the result was unfair and was fixed. “That’s so unfair on the other girls that they let one person through because she was crying lol #xfactor FIXED.”

Another also said: “The rest of the contestants should just sit on stage crying so they can get a second chance too.. so unfair and so embarrassing #XFactor.”

Another wrote: “That is so unfair letting her sing again and giving her another chance! What if everyone did that? #XFactor.”

What are your thoughts? Is it fair to give Alisah a second chance?