WATCH: PBB Dream Team 4th ‘Face-To-Face’ Nomination Night Live Results

Pinoy Big Brother Dream Team 4th batch of nominated housemates up for eviction will be revealed Sunday, February, 12, 2017.

This week, four Dream Team housemates were nominated for eviction with Kisses Delavin, Yong Muhajil, Jinri Park and Nonong Ballilan. Unfortunately, Nonong left the PBB house Saturday night after receiving the least number of public votes.

Who among the remaining housemates will be nominated tonight?

The remaining housemate are Kisses, Yong, Edward Barber and Maymay Entrata from the teens. Cora Waddell and Tanner Mata from the adult housemates, Nikko and Mccoy, Jinri and Elisse Joson from the celebrity housemates.

Refresh this page for updates! Live results will be posted below.

Face-to-face nomination:

  • Nikko & McCoy: Tanner (1 point), Jinri (2 points)
  • Tanner: Nikko & McCoy (1 point), Jinri (2 points)
  • Cora: Nikko & McCoy (1 point), Elisse (2 points)
  • Elisse: Tanner (1 point), Cora (2 points)
  • Edward: Jinri (1 point), Cora (2 points)
  • Yong: Cora (1 point), Tanner (2 points)
  • Kisses: Cora (1 point), Tanner (2 points)
  • Cora: Nikko & McCoy (1 point), Tanner (2 points)
  • Maymay: Nikko & McCoy (1 point), Cora (2 points)

The nominated teen housemates this week are:

Cora, Nikko & McCoy, Jinri and Tanner