WATCH: Minh Tu Wins Subaru Photoshoot, Cindy Chen Gets Second Chance on Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 9

Vietnamese representative Minh Tu was crowned winner for this week’s episode of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5.

In an episode aired Wednesday, May 31, all the remaining contestants were given a task during Subaru’s photo shoot, posing on a harness.

Top 1: Minh Tu – 31.0

After the judges deliberation, it was revealed that Minh Tu received the highest score with 31.0. Shikin Gomez from Malaysia came in second with 30.0.

The third was awarded to Philippines’ bet Maureen Wroblewitz with 25.0. The 4th and 5th, also named bottom two, were Indonesia’s Clara Tan and Cindy Chen from Taiwan.

However, the judges decided to give another chance to Cindy but the competition became tougher as Xiao Qing was added to the list of contestants.

Watch the full episode below.