WATCH: Matmat Centino Wins for the 9th Time, One Step Closer to Miss Q & A Hall Of Famer on It’s Showtime

Matrica “Matmat” Centino, veteran gay beauty queen, was crowned winner of It’s Showtime’s “Miss Q & A” for the 9th time!

In an episode aired Wednesday, August 16, Matmat remains undefeated after winning the final question and answer of the competition.

Matmat will return on Thursday to defend her 10th and final crown in the competition.

If she wins, she will be the second Miss Q & A Hall of Famer on It’s Showtime joining Juliana Parizcova Segovia in the grand finals.

Watch the full episode of It’s Showtime courtesy of ABS-CBN Entertainment on Youtube.

Miss Q and A is a pageant for gays and transwomen. The segment focuses not on the beauty of the candidates but for their wit in answering questions.