WATCH: Awra Briguela Impersonates Liza Minelli on Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids

Breakout Star Awra Briguela wowed the audience and jurors for his performance as Liza Minelli on ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids’ on Sunday, February 5, 2017.

Awra sang his own rendition of the American singer popular hit song ‘Cabaret.”

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Sharon Cuneta said, “I like you for being humble. I’m so impressed by you because of your 110 percent effort for every performance.”

“You are an inspiration to many. God gave you the talent. It appears on your performances. You are so good. I want you to know I am proud that you love your work,” said Ogie Alcasid.

“It sounded like you’re from Russia but it’s consistent ’til the end of your performance. You proved that you can do it. Good job!” said gary Valenciano.

Other performers for tonight are Justin Alva as Ed Sheeran, Xia Vigor as Ariana Grande, Sam Shoaf as Pepe Smith.