WATCH: 9-Year-Old Pinay Angelica Hale Sings “Clarity” on America’s Got Talent 2017 Live Shows

Angelica Hale, a 9-year-old Pinay delivered another powerful performance on America’s Got Talent Season 12 “Live Quarterfinals” Week 1.

In an episode aired Tuesday, August 15, Hale delivered her emotional version of “Clarity” by Zedd.

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Mel B said, “Well, for a start, I thought what an amazing song you have chosen… You just did everything to it. You did it so much justice. You’re so small and you’ve got this massive voice!”

Heidi Klum said, “I love this song, too. You hit those high notes! I was like, what?! 9 years old, I can’t believe this!

Simon Cowell told Hale, “I just think you’re a very, very, very special girl… It was like the girls said, a great choice of a song… You just hit us with that killer high note at the end, and that was amazing.”

Howie Mandel praised her range, control and beauty. “The range and control is beautiful. I think you might win it,” he said.

Watch on the video below.

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