LOOK: PH Maureen Wroblewitz Advances To Asia’s Next Top Model Top 5

Philippines’ bet Maureen Wroblewitz proved that she can be Asia’s Next Top Model as she made her way to the Top 5 of the competition.

During the Episode 8 photo shoot: Powerful women bound by “Love” with a male model in B&W, Maureen received the best performance this week with a perfect score of 45.0.

“You have what it takes to be an amazing, amazing model,” said featured photographer Yu Tsai on Maureen’s photo.

The second spot was awarded to Vietnam’s Minh Tu with a score of 42.2. Shikin Gomez from Malaysia came in third place with a total score of 41.8.

Taiwan’s Cindy Chen came in fourth with 37.5 and rounding up the top 5 was Indonesia’s Clara Tan with 33.9. She was also in the bottom this week.

Veronika Krasnasari also from Indonesia was eliminated from the competition with the lowest score of 32.8.

Special guests for tonight’s episode were Daniel Boey, Kevin Seah, Pavan Singh, Cheryl Wee, Dominic Lau.

Next week, it’s Subaru week! Plus, another shocking event to take place on this cycle.