FULL VIDEO: Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 11 Elimination Results

Tonight, someone’s going to skate through the top, and someone will slip through the bottom. Fun starts 9PM MNL/HK/8PM BKK.

Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 returns Wednesday night, June 14, for the 11th episode of the competition.

Now down to the Top 5, tonight witness a jaw dropping elimination when the girls are introduced to the biggest game-changer of the season.

This episode, the Top 5 will have a difficult runway challenge capping it off with the “Bikini on Ice” photoshoot with AsNTM creative director Yu Tsai.

Who among them (Minh Tu, Shikin Gomez, Maureen Wroblewitz, Clara Tan and Cindy Chen) will remain in the competition and who do you think will be eliminated?

Please refresh this page for update Live results will be posted below.

This week, the panel composed of Cindy, Cara G, Yu Tsai and returning judge, Daniel Boey.

Check out the final result for tonight’s episode below:

The Top 4:

1. Maureen Wroblewitz
2. Clara Tan
3. Shikin Gomez
4. Minh Tu

Bottom Two:

1. Cindy Chen
2. Xiao Qing (Undercover judge)


1. Cindy Chen

Watch the full video replay of episode 11 below.