Watch: Rodrigo Duterte ‘Whistles’ at GMA-7 Reporter Mariz Umali on National TV

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has been criticized for catcalling GMA-7 news reporter Mariz Umali in a press conference in Davao City on Tuesday, May 31.

In the viral video, Umali was seen asking Duterte a question. Instead of answering the reporter’s question, Duterte whistled and sang Anthony Castelo’s hit “Kaibigan.”

In an interview with GMA-7 “News To Go” on Thursday, Umali said it seemed improper for Duterte to catcall her during the press conference and she doesn’t expect an apology.

“It may have been improper from a president-elect but, of course, we will continue to do our job and we are not expecting any apology from him personally,” she said.

“From their end, walang lumapit o nakipag-usap man lang. I’m not expecting any apology pero wala man lang nakipag-usap from their end,” she added.

Meanwhile, Umali’s husband, Raffy Tima criticized Duterte for doing such act in front of national television.

“I know his reputation well enough not to be shocked by it, but that does not make it right. For someone who espouses leadership by example, catcalling anyone in a press conference with all cameras trained on him defies logic,” Tima said on his Facebook page.

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