WATCH: President Duterte Threatens To Leave United Nations

President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to leave the United Nations (UN) in a media briefing held in Davao City on Sunday, August 21, 2016.

Duterte made the announcement after a statement from UN special rapporteurs Agnes Callamard and Dainius Puras calling his administration to stop the extrajudicial killings involved in illegal drugs in the country.

“Maybe we’ll just have to decide to separate from the United Nations. Eh kung ganiyan kayo kabastos eh p– ina, umalis na kami diyan sa inyo,” he said.

“When were you here the last time? Never. Except to criticize… When have you done a good deed to my country? We are contributing money.”

“They should suffer the repercussions,” he continued, saying the UN rapporteurs broke protocol criticizing his administration.

AFP Photo/Manman Dejeto

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