Watch: Manny Pacquiao’s Uncut Version of Same-Sex Marriage Interview Leaked Online

The interview video of Manny Pacquiao’s uncut version about same-sex marriage with Bilang Pilipino has been leaked and currently circulating online.


In the uncut version, boxing champ began with Pacquiao saying he was expressing his beliefs as a Christian. The his opinion about the same sex relationship, which he described “worst than animals.”

“As a Christian same-sex marriage is prohibited. Women were made for men, men were made for women. For me it’s like this, it’s common sense. Would you see any animals, male to male or female to female? Animals are better then, they can determine who’s a boy and a girl. Now if we [allow] male to male and female to female then it’s worse than animals. Even animals, males cannot be together.

At the end of the video, the 37-year-old boxing champ clarified that he is not condemning gay people.

“But I am not condemning. I am not condemning them, just the marriage, committing sin against God,” he said.

The video sparked debate among netizens because the last part was edited out. Some said Pacquiao was taken out of context while for some the message is still the same.

Watch the full video below.

Sana before people bashed Mr. Manny Pacquiao about his stand on "Same Sex Marriage". Hinanap naman sana ng mga tao ung FULL CLIP. He said "I am not condemning them , just the marriage."PAKI SHARE PARA MAINTINDIHAN NG NAKARARAMI. Panoorin niyo. – Amanda Perez-Garcia, Ioan Psalmst Garcia, Domz Wonder, Marnette Garcia, Marissa Garcia Filipino Dubs Senyora Santibañez

Posted by Rupert James Garcia on Thursday, February 18, 2016

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