WATCH: Daniel Padilla Slammed For Shaking Cherry Blossom Tree “A Major No-No” in Japan

Actor Daniel Padilla has been slammed after a video showing him shaking a cherry blossom tree in Japan.

Social media users immediately criticize the video, describing it as ‘offensive’.

The 13-second video clip, which has also been uploaded on YouTube, shows Padilla doing a “major no-no” in Japan.

According to Jeffrey Miller, Director of Education and Family Programs at the Japan Society, “the things you should never do is Japan. Disrespect the trees. “This probably goes without saying, but the unspoken ‘don’t’ is [that] there is to be no disruption of the tree; shaking, climbing, picking of the blossoms,” he said.

“The uniqueness of the hanami experience is rooted in the beholding of the blossoms as you consider their short life, their beauty and delicate nature, and the fellowship of others,” he added.

Daniel is currently on his birthday trip to Japan with Kathryn Bernardo. He turned 22 last April 26.