Watch: Colombian Burns Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach Effigy During New Years Eve

A Colombian named Noider Almanza Barraza has posted a video burning Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach effigy during New Years Eve is now making rounds online.

Update: Colombian Says Sorry For Burning Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach Effigy

Barraza posted the video with the following caption: “De esta manera se quemó misa philipinas y el presentador de misa universo el año viejo 2015…” translated as “Thus it burned Miss Philippines and Miss Universe 2015 host.”.

An effigy is a representation of a specific person in the form of sculpture. It is common to burn an effigy of a person as an act of protest.

Watch the video below.

In South America it’s a tradition to burn effigies during New Year’s Eve to get rid of the bad and to commemorate what happened during the year to keep the positive flow.

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