Watch: Bekimon Impersonates President Duterte in Gay Speak

Comedian Bern Persia, popularly known as “Bekimon,” uploaded a video imitating President Rodrigo Duterte went viral on social media in less than a day.

In the video, Bekimon can be seen impersonating Duterte, as he called illegal dug users to surrender and advised government agencies to stop red tape, using gay lingo.

In a media interview, the internet star said, “It is actually unplanned and unexpected that this video would go viral. I was watching the news yesterday and I saw President Duterte in one of his interviews and I thought how it would sound if we hear him talking in gay lingo.”

As of this posting, the original video has been viewed more than 2 million views and garnered more than 42 thousand shares and 58 thousand likes.

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