Watch: Baste Duterte Gives Touching Message To His Father At Cebu Thanksgiving Party

“YOU are my number one idol,” said teary-eyed Sebastian “Baste” Duterte to his father Rodrigo Duterte at a thanksgiving party in Cebu on Wednesday, June 8, 2016.

The youngest son of President-elect Duterte recalled the time when his father asked him who his idol was.


“When I was younger, Papa asked me. I want to go back in time, he asked me who is my number one idol? I said, Michael Jordan. Pa, I want to tell you now, my answer was wrong. You are my number one idol,” a teary-eyed Baste told the crowd at the Cebu Country Club.

“I would not be the person who I am right now if not for you. I have always looked up to you Pa,” he said.

Before the end of his message for his father, Baste also addressed his fellow children of politicians and warned them against greed.

Watch the video below.

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