Tito Sotto Over Arab Costume “Nothing to Apologize For”

Sen. Vicente Sotto III defended himself from wearing Arab costume during Eat Bulaga’s Halloween special last Saturday.

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“There’s nothing to apologize for. And remind them, hindi Muslim garb yun, Arab! And there are many Arabs who liked it. Why will we apologize for something they like?” Sotto said.

He also added that wearing of an Arab costume is not exclusively for Muslims only.

“He is wrong, we were wearing an Arab costume. The are Arab Christians if I may remind him. I have been wearing that outfit for many years after a Sheikh from Riyadh gave me one and asked me to wear it.”

He also said why other people wear priests, nuns and even the pope’s outfit.

“And as long as you are not disrespecting what you wear, there is nothing wrong. I suggest the people complaining should find out more about the origin of Halloween so they will not have misplaced sensitivities,” he stressed.