Thai national Prasertsri Kosin is facing deportation after his racist remarks against Filipinos. In a report by ABS-CBN News, the Bureau of Immigration issued a deportation charges against Kosin also known as Koko Narak.

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Narak, 32, angered Filipino netizens for his racist comments in his Facebook account where he called Filipinos as “pignoys,” “stupid creatures,” “low-class slum slaves” and “useless race in this world.” He also claimed that Filipinos are only fit to work as “maids and toilet lickers.”

He immediately issued an apology right after his employer, Cognizant Philippines, warned and penalized him for his actions online. “At the first sight of my intention to join this page, I came across just to do the debate only. I didn’t mean to hurt your heart Filipinos. Surprisingly, mosts of my debates on the page hurt you because of my immaturity,” he said.

“I am not trying to request your symphatize to me but I am trying all dear Filipinos here to think of me in another way. I am very an approachable guy spending my life as Filipinos do, hanging out with friends at the cheap place, singing videoke like Filipinos, buying cloths from Changke (tiangge),” he added.

He is still hoping Filipinos will still welcome him when he comes back to the country.

“I might move from here to another branch abroad not in The Philippines anymore but I hope that you will welcome me whenever I come back. I wish I could be welcome from you guys Filipinos,” he said.

Update as of today: He is currently in an immigration detention facility, after presenting himself on Tuesday before the Bureau of Immigration.