President Duterte Dares Sen. Leila De Lima to Resign as Senator

President Rodrigo Duterte dared Senator Leila De Lima to resign from her post as a senator. “You should resign [De Lima], Duterte said during a short speech on Monday, August 29, in Tacloban City.

“If I were De Lima, ladies and gentlemen, I will h*ng myself. The innermost of your core as female being serialized every day,” said Duterte.


The President also said that the lady senator is not a good example for women, referring to the alleged romantic affair with her driver.

“You are showing that, you resign. What are you showing women, ‘Follow me,’ you will say? This is how to be a woman of the world,” Duterte added.

Last week, Duterte revealed a matrix linking De Lima, her alleged driver and lover Ronnie to illegal drug trade inside the New Bilibid Prison.

In a media interview on Monday, De Lima admitted that resignation would be “an admission of guilt and a sign of weakness.”

“Resignation at this point will be an admission of guilt and a sign of weakness. And I’m neither weak nor guilty,” she said.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you agree with President Duterte that De Lima should resign as a senator?

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