Police Hunting Down Man Who Joked Bombing ‘AlDub Concert’ at the Philippine Arena

Police authorities are hunting down the man who joked planting bomb during AlDub concert at the Philippine Arena on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015.


According to Gogelnews.com, a certain Christian Jay T. Pundal posted on Facebook about planting a bomb to kill the ‘Aldogs.’ His comment was deleted but Aldub followers managed to save a screenshot copy of his joke.

His photo as well as his joke went viral online.

Aldub fans are now searching for him, even Eat Bulaga host Tito Sotto condemned the threats and sought the help of police authorities.

“We are gathering info to find out the real person behind those threats,” he wrote. “FYI (For your information), you can be imprisoned,” said Sotto on his Twitter account.

“Calling the attention of CIDG and PNP. Dabarkads (and) I need your help please RT (re-tweet) so we can find the person behind this,” he wrote, referring to a certain Reina who posted about planting a bomb to kill AlDub love team Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza.

“Bomb threat is no joke. Wishing death for innocent people is a lunacy, and that lunacy will put them at greater risk. I can’t fathom the mentality of some people. Make sure your hatred won’t lead you to your own mental retardation,” he added.

On Saturday, the biggest event in the history of Eat Bulaga will be held at the Philippine Arena called “Tamang Panahon.”