Perez Hilton: “Miss Philippines Came to Win, Miss Colombia Came to Lose”

Popular celebrity blogger and one of the judges of Miss Universe 2015 finals, Perez Hilton, broke his silence after the Miss Universe winner announcement controversy on Sunday.


In one of his podcast, Hilton stressed the difference between Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines. He said Miss Philippines came to win; she came with something to prove, while Miss Colombia came to lose; she truly believed that she’s gonna win.

Perez added: “Colombia came there as if she already won. And that’s sexy also… But I think that she came there thinking she would really win. Whereas Miss Philippines came with something to prove.”

He admitted he did not think Pia would “rock” the swimsuit rounds, saying that Ariadna was one of his frontrunners. However, he said the Pia managed to surprise him.

“She owed it. And I was like, ‘Wow, she is rocking this’,” Perez said of Pia’s performance in the swimsuit competition.

Perez also revealed that it was during the final question and answer portion where he want Philippines to win. “It’s just that Philippines gave a better answer. It was the second time she gave a great answer… And at that point, I just felt like wow, she really brought her A-game and was super competitive. But also, she deserved it. Like, deserves it.”

“Whereas the Miss Colombia, you’re Sofia Vergara. You’re not Miss Universe. It’s spooky how much she looks like Sofia Vergara, whereas this other girl, she was just being herself and not trying to emulate anybody else.”

Perez also revealed that all of the judges voted for Wurtzbach.

“I went with my gut and voted for Miss Philippines. Actually, I found out afterwards, it was unanimous – everyone, every single judge in that panel, all four of us – voted for Miss Philippines to be number one,” he said.

Highlights of the latest podcast of Perez Hilton. Perez Hilton was one of the judges of Miss Universe 2015. In this video, you will witness that Pia Wurtzbach got a unanimous win from the four judgdes. #MissUniverse

Posted by Gilbey Clark Rubio Libres on Monday, December 21, 2015

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