Mary Jane Veloso’s Mom Begs for Understanding for Bashing PNoy

Mary Jane Veloso’s mother, Celia, broke her silence on Saturday and begged for understanding from the people who called her ‘ungrateful’ for bashing President Benigno Aquino III days after her daughter’s scheduled execution in Indonesia.

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“I hope they learn the truth. I hope they will understand me,” she said.

“Our countrymen do not understand my situation. We sought the government’s help for two years. We only got promises,” Celia Veloso said, referring to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

“Even Indonesian President Widodo’s answer to President Aquino’s call was, ‘Why only now?,” she added.

The older Veloso said no one attended to Mary Jane’s case for five years. That was what she would hold the President accountable for she said.

Celia came back in the country on Friday and criticized PNoy for grabbing credit for her daughter’s reprieve.

“Now that we’re back in the Philippines, we will be going after the government who up to the end tried to fool us,” Celia said. “They told the public that it was Aquino who saved my daughter’s life. That’s not true,” she said.