LOOK: Loyal Dog Waits Outside Emergency Room For Dying Owner

A photo of a dog named “Saicy” was captured patiently waiting for her owner at the door of an emergency room in Davao City has gone viral.

Arvin Ceria, a nurse reliever at the Metro Davao Medical and Research Center, was touched by the scene, took a photo and shared it on social media.


According to Ceria, Saicy kept barking outside the ER while her owner was fighting for his life.

“The dog was barking, it wanted to go inside the ER,” he said. “Sad to say the patient died. The dog’s owner may have been dead, but the love of the dog remains,” he added.

He also revealed that the staff of the hospital allowed the dog to get inside the ER when it’s owner died. Saicy then touched his owner with her paws and howled.

According to Sun Star Davao, Saicy stayed on top of the coffin since the first day of his owner’s wake on June 18.




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