Netizens Slam Kris Aquino Over Post-APEC Sunburn Joke

TV host and actress Kris Aquino called it “quits” with thousands of stranded commuters in Manila who were forced to walk under the heat of the sun due to road closures because of the APEC summit.


On Thursday, Aquino took to Instagram and shared a photo with caption: “Quits na tayo sa lahat ng nahirapan mag-commute these past days. Patas ang mundo, patche-patche naman ang balat ko.”

(Let us call it quits with those who found it difficult to commute these past few days, the world is fair, my skin has patches on it.)

According to the presidential sister she got her sunburn after touring the spouses of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) leaders at Fort Santiago in Manila.

But netizens did not take Aquino’s joke lightly, calling it “insensitive.” One of them said Aquino should not compare her sunburn from touring APEC delegates to what commuters have to go through during the APEC week.

Read some of the comments by netizens on Instagram:



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PHOTO CR: Instagram/Inquirer