Korina Sanchez Declared Persona Non Grata in Japan?

After her controversial,’insensitive and irresponsible’ comment in relation to Bagyong Ruby, ABS-CBN newscaster Korina Sanchez is reportedly declared ‘persona non grata’ in Japan.

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The news was published by a local website called ‘So What’s News‘ on Monday, December 8.

Excerpts from satirical website So What’s News (SWN):

“Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared earlier Monday, Filipino broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez, persona non grata, for “wishing ill will against others.”

“Abe, speaking in public after his meeting with officials of Japan Meteorological Agency regarding typhoon Hagupit (Ruby), said that for a public figure such as Sanchez, to say such things towards Japan; is an act “definitely unbecoming of an Interior Ministry’s wife”.

“I am very saddened to hear reports of schadenfreude coming from a TV anchor, who just last year, was was put in her place by Mr. Anderson Cooper of CNN,” said Abe. “That is why without a second thought, I am wholeheartedly declaring Ms. Korina Sanchez of the Philippines, as an unwelcome person anywhere in Japan.”

On December 3 episode of TV Patrol, Sanchez said she hoped Typhoon Ruby would hit Japan instead of the Philippines, and that Filipinos could still pray the typhoon away.

Do you think Korina deserves to be declared a persona non grata by Japan?