Korina Sanchez on Bagyong Ruby ‘Spare The Philippines, Hit Japan Instead’

Korina Sanchez, newscaster of ABS-CBN evening news program TV Patrol, is in the hot seat again after her ‘insensitive’ and ‘irresponsible’ remarks about the possible route of ‘Bagyong Ruby.’

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According to Sanchez, Filipinos can still pray, spare the Philippines by changing its course and hit Japan instead during the live telecast of the show last Wednesday, December 3.

Here’s how the conversation on TV Patrol:

Korina Sanchez: Kaya pa natin idasal yan para lumihis. (We can still pray so that the typhoon will veer away)

Noli de Castro: Sana ay hati na lang tayo. Kalahati sa Pilipinas, kalahati sa Japan. (Hopefully, only half the typhoon will hit us and the other half will hit Japan)

Korina: Puwede bang sa kanilang lahat? (Is it possible for the entire typhoon to just hit Japan?)

Noli: Huwag naman. (Hope not.)

Korina: Sa kanila na lang lahat. Parang mas kaya nila. (Let Japan have it all, looks like they’re more capable to face Ruby.)

Watch the video below.

Korina’s remarks drew negative criticims from netizens on social media. One said, “No one has the right to wish ill of another … no matter how better or worse the situation it. Such an attitude can only attribute to the most ill-educated persons humanity can contribute to any given society. Sad they had a strong influence on the many. Even as a jest, such stupid words should not have been uttered out in the open. How sad.”

Another netizen said, “I saw this news, they were joking around and not wishing ill will of Japan. This is another case of making a big deal out of nothing. I don’t know why we are so quick to condemn people just to have something to talk about.”

This is not the first time Sanchez has found herself in the hot seat she said on air. In November last year, the broadcaster made headlines when she said CNN reporter Andrew Cooper didn’t know what he was talking about for his special coverage of Typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban, Leyte.

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