Celia Veloso, mother of drug convict Mary Jane Veloso, has apologized to the public but not to the President of the Philippines. In an interview with ABS-CBN reporter Doris Bigornia on Tuesday, Celia asked for understanding from the public.

“I used the wrong words. I didn’t mean what I said. Please forgive me. As a mother, I saw and felt what happened to my daughter,” she said.


In a separate interview with broadcaster Anthony Taberna, the 55-year-old mother said she will only apologize to Pres. Benigno Aquino III only if Mary Jane, her daughter, is already free and returned to the country.

“I will only say sorry to him (PNoy) once Mary Jane is free and back home,” she said. Her husband agreed and thanked the president for saving their daughter at the last minute.

“If he really did do something to her, then we thank him,” Cesar Veloso said in behalf of his wife.