WATCH: Mister International 2016 Grand Finals, Full Winners List

Mister International 2016, the 11th edition of the Mister International pageant, will be held on February 13, 2017 at The Stage @ Asiatique the Riverfront in Bangkok, Thailand. Pedro Mendes of Switzerland will crown his successor at the end of the event.

Thirty-five (35) male contestants from around the world will compete for the prestigious title and modeling contracts.

Check out the Live Results below. The event will begin at 8 p.m. tonight.

Here’s The Final Result:

Mister International 2016 Winner:
Paul Iskandar (Lebanon)

1st Runner-up
Masaya Yamagishi (Japan)

2nd Runner-up

Vinicio Modolo (Italy)

The Top 6 Finalists:

Vietnam, Netherlands, Thailand, Japan, Italy and Lebanon

Top 9 Finalists:

Spain, Vietnam, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Latvia, India, Lebanon, Thailand

Top 16 Semi-Finalists:

Italy, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Latvia, Spain, Czech Republic, Lebanon, Netherlands, Thailand, Venezuela, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Vietnam and Philippines.

Special Awards:

  • Mister Charming Smile: Nguyen Tien Dat (Vietnam)
  • Mister Personality: Paul Iskandar (Lebanon)
  • Mister Korat Photogenic: Kittikun Tansuhat (Thailand)
  • Best in National Costume: Nepal Rokesh Tandu (Nepal)
  • Best Model International: Masaya Yamagishi (Japan)
  • Mister Congeniality: James Carne (Australia)
  • Missosology People’s Choice Award: Miguel Guia (Philippines)
  • Mister Photogenic International: Francisco Vergara (Puerto Rico)
  • Mister Telegenic: Daniel DeZilva (Sri Lanka)