Taking Your Cue from Celebrity Owned Restaurants in the Philippines

Is show business synonymous with success? Whether from film, television, music or the arts, celebrities appear to get involved in the catering side of the food industry in ever increasing numbers. The vast majority of these establishments are very successful, and with good reason. Celebrities are national figures; almost icons too many. It is likely that they are using their reputation to boost their businesses. Before you envy them and curse your life, consider that their reputation is just a small factor as compared to the hard work and time they actually pour into their restaurants. Take your cue from these celebrity-­owned restaurants and start making a name for yourself in the food and beverage industry.

Planning and Publicity

Although a certain percentage of the restaurant’s clientele purely visit to spot a celebrity, the majority of repeat customers truly enjoy the ambience and the delights of professionally­prepared dishes. If your intention is to branch out on your own and be your own fast­food or restaurant boss, taking a few pointers from celebrity­-owned restaurants will do you no harm whatsoever. While celebrities may have an army of advisers, planners, and interior designers to make their restaurants the best they can be, there is no reason you can’t do the same. Merge your food expertise and knowledge with inspiring stories about celebrity­-owned businesses and you might brew the next big thing in the metro.

Location, Location, Location

You’ve got a business plan and researched your way through potential markets, competition and menu possibilities. However, these are not the only things you need to factor in for a successful restaurant. Have you noticed that location is also an important asset of celebrity­-owned restaurants? You don’t see them being crammed into an unknown corner of the metro, do you? To find the right premises, you can refer to real estate agents or use tools like Zipmatch, a property finder in the Philippines. On Zipmatch, you can check neighborhoods for lots of useful data, such as such as banks, malls and various restaurants close by. Or you can look around in your chosen neighborhood or inquire from shopping malls if they have properties for lease.

Here are some of the standout restaurants from the ever­ growing list of celebrity­owned businesses in the metro. Take their cue and you might just become famous yourself –famous for providing the best cuisine and service available in your area of Metro Manila.

Belissimo-Cesar-MontanoBellissimo Ristorante. Owned by actor Cesar Montano, Bellissimo Ristorante is a highly successful Italian restaurant in Quezon City. As one would expect, spaghetti, pasta, and pizza dominate the menu, but there is still room enough to include back ribs, and succulent Angus steaks. With its dark decor and low lighting, it provides a romantic atmosphere for those couples on a special date. Live music is also provided four nights a week for those who enjoy musical entertainment while dining.

JT’s Manukan GrillJT’s Manukan Grill. Situated at The Zone, Makati City, this gem of a Grille was opened in 2003 by actor Joel Torre. Serving local chicken that is hot­hot­hot, the grille proved so popular that the chain has now grown to four, with plans for further expansion. If spicy is your thing, try the Pecho, marinated chicken breast and wings, which is the hottest item on the menu –literally.

The-Sexy-ChefThe Sexy Chef. If your idea revolves around a food delivery business, then you can glean plenty of ideas from The Sexy Chef.

Opened by singer Rachel Alejandro and sister Barni, this enterprise is far more than just a home delivery service. Included in their menu of good eating is a ‘Pounds Away’ programme, designed for those wishing to lose weight.

For P1, 000 a day over a fortnight, you receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner; plus a couple of snacks for those in­between times. Other packages include the ‘South Beach Premier Package,’ and bridal packages.