Miss Universe 2015 Semifinalists and Finalists

This year, the Miss Universe Organization has announced the new format of the pageant during Miss Universe Grand Coronation Night on Sunday, December 20.

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As announced, the Miss Universe 2015 semifinalists and finalists will be group as:

Miss Universe 2015 Top 15 will compete for the swimsuit rounds. It will be trimmed down to Top 10 for the evening gown competition. Then the Top 5, each candidate will answer different question each while the Top 3 finalists will answer only one question each.

Live results will be posted below. Please bookmark this page now.

The Top 3:
Colombia, Philippines and USA

The Top 5:
France, Colombia, Philippines, Australia and USA.

The Top 10:
USA, Colombia, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Dominican Republic, France, Curacao, Philippines, Venezuela.

The Top 15:
Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Philippines, France, USA, Curacao, Belgium, Japan, Venezuela, South Africa, Colombia, Mexico and Thailand.