Miss Universe 2014 Top 5 Best National Costumes Revealed

The Miss Universe Organization has officially released the Top 5 Best National Costumes on Thursday, January 22. One of them will win the grand prize and will be awarded during the grand coronation on Sunday, January 25 in Miami, Florida.

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The five best national costumes are candidates from Argentina, Canada, Germany, India and Indonesia.

Miss Universe 2014 Top 5 National Costumes

Argentina’s costume represents one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Iguazú Falls. The impressive gown is covered with glossy stones that resemble Iguazú Falls rocks and water.

Canada’s costume pays respect to the sport of Ice Hockey. There is no greater force that unifies Canadians than hockey. It brings together communities and it teaches our children the meaning of dedication to sport and teamwork.

Germany’s costume is dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Coming from East Germany, her and her family were really affected by the fall of the wall.

Indian women in full glory and exquisiteness. Red remains the core symbol of power, spirituality and commitment.

Indonesia’s costume comes from Central Java and depicts the UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Borobudur Temple. The temple was built with the concept of promoting and establishing serene spiritual living just like the purpose of becoming the Miss Universe.

To vote your favorite National Costume, go to Twitter using the contestants hashtag #MissUniverseArgentina, #MissUniverseCanada, #MissUniverseGermany, #MissUniverseIndia, #MissUniverseIndonesia and #MissUniverse.