Miss Universe 2016 To Choose Top 12, Top 9, Top 6 and Top 3

On Monday, January 30, the 65th Miss Universe grand coronation will begin with the announcement of pre-selected Top 12 contestants, instead of the usual Top 15.

The Top 12, who was chosen based on their performance during the preliminary event and interviews, will then participate in the swimsuit segment.

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Then it will be trimmed down to the Top 9 contestants with the highest averaged scores in the swimsuit competition will advance to the long gown segment.

The Top 6 will be chosen based on their performance in the evening gown competition, will advance to the Final Question round.

According to the Miss Universe Organization, “The Final Question round will determine the contestant’s ability to articulate themselves under pressure while sharing a thoughtful, well-informed response. Again, all scores are averaged and the Top 3 contestants move on to the Final Look,” the MUO said.

In the Final Look stage, the judges and home viewers will rank, instead of score, the Final 3 contestants based on their overall performance on who they think should be crowned Miss Universe.

Who among the 86 contestants will be part of the Top 12, Top 9, Top 6, Top 3 and who will be named winner of Miss Universe 2016?

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