Marlene Aguilar Lambasted Pope Francis, Called Him ‘Commander of Evil’

Multi-awarded author and publisher Marlene Aguilar, sister of folk singer Freddie Aguilar, lambasted Pope Francis in a series of Facebook posts.

Aguilar accused Pope Francis of “child rape, “child torture, child murder genocide, and other crimes of humanity”.

Check out some of her statements below.



Aguilar also called Pope Francis a “servant of darkness wearing a white robe”, a “commander of Satan” and “evil.”


Few of her followers expressed their support. One user said, “Look how these ignorants bash someone who is just telling the truth. Dear Catholics, please find time to research your faith. You will never know the truth if you blindly follow someone who call himself “holy”. Noone is Holy but God alone. Have you ever read the 10 commandments or you don’t know its exact content since your church has erased portion of it? Your leader even exalt Mary as Jesus’ co-mediator. That is blasphemy. I’m an ex-Catholic but after reading the Bible I immediately dumped Catholicism. #sabButTrue Good job Marlene, keep exposing the truth! The truth will set them free.”

And another, “We are all sinners”- only shows how down to earth and what a true person you are. Hindi nagbabanal-banalan at aminado sa sariling pagkakasala unlike the idiotic people bashing you quoting bible verses they don’t understand.”

Photos screengrab from Marlene Aguilar’s Facebook Account