WATCH: Sunshine Dizon Finally Faces Husband Timothy Tan and the Alleged Mistress in Court

Actress Sunshine Dizon on Wednesday finally met the alleged mistress of her husband in court.

Dizon met her husband Timothy Tan along with the woman identified Clarisma Sison at a Quezon City Regional Trial Court for the preliminary investigation of Violence Against Women and their Children (VAWC) as well as concubinage complaint against Tan and Sison.


After the short meeting, Dizon was interviewed by the media and admitted that she was emotional because of the pain they caused to her children.

“Hindi na ito tungkol sa akin kasi kaya ko naman. Pero iyong sakit na dinaanan ng mga anak ko, iyan ang walang kapatawaran,” Dizon told the reporters.

“But if she [Sison] is thinking that I will do something here, an eksena or whatever, no, I will not do that to her. She’s too low and I will not dignify her with anything. Baka ibang tao ay nasampal siya pero ako, hindi ko papadapuin iyong kamay ko kasi baka madumihan.”

Meanwhile, Dizon refused to comment on whether she will be open to a settlement with Tan and Sison.

Sunshine and Timothy have been married for six years. They have two children, Anton and Doreen.

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