Watch: Melai Cantiveros Breaks Down in Tears Over Husband Jason Francisco

Comedian Melai Cantiveros broke down in tears during the taping of her morning show “Magandang Buhay” on Friday.

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Melai cried as she tried to express her love over her husband Jason Francisco.

According to the comedian, she does not believe in the saying: “sometimes even the greatest love has to end so you can find your destiny.”

“My destiny is my husband,” she said. “I love my husband,” she added. “Forever is a choice and I choose my forever.”

On Tuesday, Francisco revealed that he has separated with Cativeros on the official Instagram account of their daughter.

He also said that their misunderstanding started when Cantiveros accepted her role on ABS-CBN television series “We Will Survive” with Carlo Aquino as her partner.

Watch the video below.

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