Laughter is the best medicine according to experts like Badoodles and Buraot. These two bloggers possess a different style in Pinoy Blogosphere. They make people laugh, cry, laugh and cry lol. If there’s Dolphy and Panchito in Philippine Showbiz, we have these two good looking guys in Pinoy Blog world.

While writing this, i thought of the recent Philippine Blog Awards. I noticed that there’s no category for Best Pinoy Humor Blog. I hope the organizers of PBA would consider this category in the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards. Kwentong Barbero and Anak ni Kulapo will surely hit the title!

And to give you more laughter, i am sharing these Filipino Prank videos created by

Underground Prank Video

School Canteen Prank Video

Alley Prank Video

Hope you enjoyed this post. Have a wonderful weekend guys!