Marlisa Punzalan Sings “Paparazzi” on The X Factor Australia 2014 Top 12 Live Show

Marlisa Punzalan, the youngest singer of the top 12, performed her version of Lady Gaga’s hit “Paparazzi” on The X Factor Australia 2014 Live Shows ‘Legends Week’, Sunday, August 17, 2014.

Marlisa Punzalan Paparazzi X Factor Australia Top 12 Live Show

Marlisa is sick but she tried her best for tonight! The judges gave her a standing ovation despite the not so good performance.

“Well done. Unbelievable. You look so extra ordinary” says Nat. “Perfect song. Amazing arrangement. You look beautiful. You drew something out of that performance. I’m really proud of that,” says Dannii.

“Some of the greatest performers in the world don’t even do what you just did. They will cancel the show. But you got up on that stage and you gave a 100%,” says Redfoo.

“First, thanks to the judges for the comments. 15 years of age you’re such a talent. Well done,” says Ronan.

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