The X Factor Australia 2015 Double Elimination Live Results, Top 8 Revealed

The X Factor Australia returns tonight with Top 10 Live Decider, Tuesday, October 13, 2015! It’s the third live elimination tonight! We say goodbye to two of our Top 10 acts. It’s a double elimination tonight! Who will it be?


On Monday, the Top 10 contestants took the stage to perform live for the votes of Australia.

Video Replay: X Factor Australia Season 7 (2015) Top 10 Live Shows Recap and Videos

The top 10 contestants are Big T, Jimmy Davis, Cyrus Villanueva (Under 25 Boys); Natalie Conway, Louise Adams (Over 25s); Jess & Matt, In Stereo (Groups); Mahalia Simpson, Michaela Baranov, Georgia Denton (Under 25 Girls).

Who got eliminated on X Factor Australia tonight? The votes are in and the eliminated singers will be announced tonight 7:30pm on Seven. Performers tonight are Little Mix and Chris Isaak!

Live results for tonight’s first elimination round will be posted below! Please refresh this page for updates!

Top Ten (8) Contestants:
1. Natalie Conway
2. Jess & Matt
3. Cyrus Villanueva
4. Michaela Baranov
5. Louise Adams
6. Big T
7. In Stereo
8. Mahalia Simpson

Bottom Three (3):
1. Mahalia Simpson
2. Jimmy Davis
3. Georgia Denton

Mahalia Simpson with Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald
Jimmy Davis with Rocket Man by Elton John

Judges Decision:
Chris and Dannii both vote to defend their acts.
James votes to evict Jimmy.

Eliminated Contestants:
1. Georgia Denton
2. Jimmy Davis

What do you think of the results tonight?