WATCH: Thuy Nguyen First Housemate Evicted From PBB Lucky 7 Regular Edition

Thuy Nguyen, a 23-year-old Vietnamese housemate born in Palawan, has been eliminated from Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 Regular Edition Saturday night.

Thuy was evicted after receiving the lowest score in a challenge together with other nominated housemates Cora Waddell, Luis Hontiveros and Wil Dasovich.


Last week, Thuy earned an automatic nomination after violating several in-house rules like talking without a lapel and gossiping about the “outside world.”

With Thuy leaving PBB, only nine housemates remaining inside the Big Brother house including Tanner Mata, Baninay Bautista, Ali Forbes, Luis Hontiveros, Cora Waddell, Aura Azarcon, Jerome Alacre, Wil Dasovich and Jesi Corcuera.

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