WATCH: Maymay Entrata Burst Into Tears After Losing at PBB House Challenge

Teen housemate Maymay Entrata could not contain her emotion after losing her chance to win her dream house at Pinoy Big Brother House Challenge.

In an episode aired Friday, February 4, Maymay gained the support from fellow housemates Kisses Delavin, Edward Barber, Nonong and Elisse Joson during the second PBB House Challenge.

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The Wacky Go-Lucky housemate from Cagayan de Oro also received the highest public votes against Cora Waddell, Jerome Alecre and Tanner Mata.

After two hours, Maymay failed to complete the endurance challenge and burst into tears while talking to Big Brother inside the confession room.

“Gusto ko lang umiyak at sabihin na patuloy pa rin ang pangarap ko. Babangon ulit ako,” she said.

Meanwhile, Tanner and Jerome will continue the final challenge which will be aired tonight. One of them will receive a brand new house from Pinoy Big Brother.