WATCH: Marco Gallo and Christian Morones Confrontation Inside PBB House (FULL VIDEO)

Pinoy Big Brother teen housemate Marco Gallo broke down after a heated argument with Christian Morones inside PBB house.

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In an episode aired Saturday night, the male housemates noticed that Christian was sleeping instead of helping them working on their second task. Marco then poured some water to Christian to wake him up.

It was actually a joke, but Christian stop talking to his fellow housemates after the incident. Marco realized his mistake and apologized to Marco.

“What’s your problem?” Marco asked. “You,” Christian replied. “You are so immature,” Marco told Christian.

“We are family here. Don’t want to talk about problems? Be mature, talk about the problems not sh*t up,” he shouted.

After a while, the “Pilyo Bello of Italy” broke down in tears because he wanted to talk to Christian and finish the issue between them.

“Everything has to be done, right now, in this day. Because you cannot be a family if you do not talk about the problems. I don’t want to repeat that… started from my dad. Because me and my family, we don’t talk about the problems,” he said.

This is the second time that Christian involved in an argument with a housemate. Last August 13, Rita Gabiola aka “Badjao Girl” broke down after Christian stopped talking to his housemates. The two settled their rift with the help of Big Brother.


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