Watch: Jayna Brown Earns Golden Buzzer From Louis Tomlinson on America’s Got Talent Judge Cuts

Jayna Brown received the ‘Golden Buzzer’ from One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson on America’s Got Talent 2016 Judge Cuts on Wednesday, July 20.

The 14-year singer wowed with a performance of Andra Day’s “Rise Up.” She ended up getting a standing ovation from the audience and judges of the show.

After her performance, Heidi Klum told her, “Your voice is so beautiful. I don’t even know how anyone can do this — sing and smile at the same time.”

Mel B said, “I think you’re just a natural. You are meant to sing.” Simon Cowell said, “You, young lady, have just turned this competition upside down.”

Guest judge Tomlinson said, “It’s not just one thing with you. It’s not just the voice; it’s not just the performance. It’s everything. It’s so infectious.”

Aside from Brown, other acts moving to the live shows are Sos and Victoria, The Clairvoyants, Annie and Andre, The Outlawz, Viktor Kee and Musicality.

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