WATCH: Heaven Peralejo Dismayed Over Edward and Kisses Friendly Picnic Date Inside PBB

Teen housemates Edward Barber and Kisses Delavin had a friendly picnic date inside the Pinoy Big Brother house aired Wednesday, September 14.

Kisses and Edward’s date was set after Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, collectively known as “KathNiel,” picked them to enjoy Big Brother’s surprise.


Some of the housemates including Heaven are not allowed to get near the picnic area except for Maymay Entrata and Marco Gallo.

Meanwhile, in a one-on-one conversation with Big Brother, Heaven said that she was dismayed because she was not able to watch what was going on outside the picnic area.

The picnic date resulted Heaven ignoring Edward and throwing glances at Kisses. The German teen housemate told Heaven that everything felt strange. “All of that just felt really weird,” he said.

Before the picnic date, Heaven and Edward both admitted that they mutually like each other.

Watch The Full Video of Edward and Kisses Picnic Date Inside PBB House

What can you say about Kisses and Edward’s picnic date? Do you think Heaven was really jealous?

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