WATCH: Ford, Joao, Mark, Tristan Sings “Hanggang Kailan” on Pinoy Boyband Superstar Top 10 Live Shows

Ford Valencia, Joao Constancia, Mark Oblea and Tristan Ramirez performed “Hanggang Kailan” by Orange and Lemons on Pinoy Boyband Superstar Top 10 Live Shows Saturday night, November 19, 2016.

“You guys look good and I am waiting for this performance tonight,” said Aga Muhlach. “You did not fail me. You guys look well,” he added.

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Yeng Constantino, “Vocally, someone is not hitting the right notes.” Sandara Park said the group is so manly. Vice Ganda, “This group is not consistent, but I saw one of you has already improved. You need to improve.”

Among the four, Ford was the weakest according to the judges. He’s up for elimination Sunday night.

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