Watch: Deadly Games Thrills Judges on America’s Got Talent 2016

Knife throwing couple “Deadly Games” thrilled the judges and audience with their dangerous act on America’s Got Talent 2016 auditions on Tuesday, June 21.

The couple’s dream is to have their own show in Las Vegas. The husband revealed that he already hit his wife twice during their performance, “I can kill her,” he said. “She’s the one pushing me to do the crazier tricks.”


Mel B found it entertaining in a frightening way while Howie Mandel was impressed with the moving trick, “We’ve seen a lot of knife throwing. Something dangerous and amazing.”

Heidi Klum found it thrilling and Simon Cowell said the woman’s engagement with the act made it really interesting.

Deadly Games received four yeses from the judges. They are moving to the next round of the competition.

What can you say about their performance? Share your thoughts below.

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