WATCH: Coleen Nolan is Celebrity Big Brother Winner, Jedward in Second Place

English-Irish singer Coleen Nolan has been named the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2017, over second-placed Jedward.

Kim Woodburn finished in third place while actor James Cosmo came fourth.

Nolan burst into tears when her named was called during Friday night’s live finale at Elstree Studio in London.

“I’ve never won anything in my life ever alone, ever, and now I’ve won this little thing I’m such a fan of. I feel really lucky and thankful to everyone who voted. I dread to see my daughter’s phone bill,” she said.

Coleen added: “I’ve got to say, winning is one of the best things of my life. I am 52 soon and this means so much to me.”

The Loose Women star also said, “You can’t outplay Big Brother. They all think you know it and you don’t, Big Brother is in charge. I just thought, at the end of the day, whatever happens, it’s down to the public.

“When people say they don’t care what people think, I do. And if that makes me weak and pathetic, then I wear that badge with pride because I do care what people think.”

Meanwhile, Nicola McLean finished fifth while Bianca Gascoigne was in sixth place.